Sunday, February 16, 2020

Events, Hospitality and Tourism Dynamics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Events, Hospitality and Tourism Dynamics - Essay Example There should always a stable political environment in order for a country to develop and move forward economically. In order to achieve political stability, each country should achieve ideas of political stability. Ideas of political stability can be achieved through certain mechanisms. Achieving such ideas requires a good understanding of the factors that may affect political stability in general. There are various factors that are important considerations in achieving political stability. First, the entire society needs to be freed from any tendency of destabilization including political divisions, ethnicities, corruption, sectarian conflicts and major political disagreements. These factors cause lack of political stability; and yet political stability is necessary in organizing and hosting major events such as the Olympics and FIFA World Cup (Liubov 2010). This essays suggests that ideas in order to host events such as Olympics and FIFA World Cup, it is important to consider certain factors that help in achieving the ideas of political stability. The major factors that are important considerations in achieving ideas of political stability include: constitutionalism, respect for rights and freedom of people, democratic political system with free and fair elections, employment and improved living standards of people, transparency and accountability, food security, diplomatic relations with other countries, and good governance (Bhagwati 2002). Every politically stable society begins with a democratic political environment (Sawchuk et al 2013). Democracy involves governing through people by allowing the people or citizens to participate in forming the government. This is usually done through the elections. In democratic political system, citizens participate either directly or indirectly in the political system through elected representatives. The people in a democratic society may also be involved in

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Describing Gandhi as a Famous Figure in History Assignment

Describing Gandhi as a Famous Figure in History - Assignment Example Ultimately, peace has prevailed through the voice of the common man by means of love. Gandhi thought that there could be many reasons for which a person would be willing to give away his life, but there could be no reason in which a person would be asked to take one’s life. Gandhi knew that his beliefs required immense faith and courage, which obviously everyone does not possess. Nonviolence would primarily refer to as acting in peace, through which he finally liberated India from the British. Gandhi represented the commons and voiced their concerns as if they were his own. His simplicity, honesty, and conviction were the hallmarks of the leadership that he envisaged within himself. Modern theories of leadership may find it very difficult to find a parallel to the school of thought that Gandhi advocated. His methods were easy to explain but difficult to follow. Gandhism was not just a political construct; it was a phenomenon that is very closely associated with the type of per sonality that he embodied. This, in turn, implies that even if one wants, becoming a Gandhi is not that easy. This definition of self is crucial to modern schools of thought of management that attempt to understand what leadership is.  For a person like Gandhi, who fails to consider that he is anything unless he is at the line of truth, speaks of a level of self-control that many modern managers could only dream about.